Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is Only a Test

Dear Viewers, we regret to inform you that this week's episode will be preempted by a test of the emergency broadcast system.

It seems with the extreme moving team that pushed through a Friday-Saturday move into the new house, this blogger's system hard wiring overloaded and may have fried.

The outages have been pretty wide spread, affecting even the most basic actions, language usage, and processing, overall diminishing efficiency to unacceptable levels. The final straw was this blogger's struggle to merely stay awake (without even talking about staying focused and thinking logically) during worship service this a.m. The issue has reached critical stage, and as such, a full system reboot is needed.

If you plan to continue using the system over the next week, some other intermittent problems you may experience include complete lack of short term memory recall, uncharacteristic spacey looks of indecision when asked "Where do you want this?", seriously delayed understanding of witty humor, or an inability to comprehend anything above the third grade reading level (which the intricacies in the word of God definitely are).

Since I read somewhere that people without sleep are more dangerous than drunks on the highways, I'm sure someone will be calling Child Protective Services to turn me in if I don't take this mandatory downtime.

Here's hoping the joint-muscle-brain rewiring can be done quickly. I plan to meet you back here next week...without this "duh" look on my face.


  1. This gave me a much needed laugh!

    I can so relate, my friend. Although, the crazed moving-in phase of my life was four years ago almost to the date.

    I shudder to think of that phase of my life. Shudder, shudder.

    Praying you are settling in nicely. Rejoicing with you, Sister!